Xiaomi Amazfit Arc Black


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Xiaomi Amazfit Arc Black
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Xiaomi Amazefit Amaze fit  Arc Black

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Xiaomi Amazfit Arc

During the day we are involved in many physical and intellectual activities like working hard for the benefit of your company, training at the gym, doing household chores etc. Our organism is constantly put pressure on. However, created to be resilient in most situations, heavy exercises may cause its breakdown. Would you like to know it better to be able to predict its reaction and find out its limits? Amazfit Arc fitness-tracker is like an electronic finger on your pulse, always measuring your vitals and encouraging to make your life healthier.

  • 0.42-inch OLED display
  • 20 days battery life
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Smart interaction with smartphone
  • IP67 protection level


OLED displays became mainstream not only in mobile phones and TVs but also in other devices, such as household equipment, audio systems, and healthcare wearable devices. They offer better image quality and open new possibilities for design. Amazfit Arc features a 0.42-inch OLED display with UV-coating. Owing to its high level of brightness you can read it in direct sunlight and from various angles.


No need to push buttons to wake the screen! No buttons with limited lifespan! No accidental pressings! Amazfit Arc has accurate and swift touch area on the bottom of the screen. Tap or swipe to see time, distance covered and steps were taken, active calories, heart rate, and battery charge. Simple operation as ever!

20 days battery life

You might want to wear this fitness tracker around the clock, especially if it boasts an amazing battery, providing 480 hours of active operation on a single charge. Amazfit Arc is also supplied with a magnetic charger that should be attached to the rear panel. When the battery zeros out, it takes about 30 minutes to fully recharge it. This 70 mAh high-density lithium polymer tank is a part of a power-efficient mechanism that improves the user experience.

Smart notification

One of the coolest things of Amazfit Arc is its connectivity with your smartphone. Whereas the display shows only symbols and digits, companion app has extended the history of your activities. And it demonstrates so much more than just a number of steps or distance of your route. For example, its activity time scale shows which part of the day, the week you were the most active, giving a comparison of the values for you to pay attention to your habits. Though Amazfit Arc is full-geared toward fitness tracking, it can notify you of an incoming call with a slight buzz.

Sleep tracking

Amazfit Arc app keeps essential stats not only about your daily activities but also about your sleep quality. An inbuilt accelerometer detects your every motion, its speed and direction, while you are at night rest, giving information of time you spend in each phase of sleep and number of times you woke up. Use those metrics to improve your sleep.

Heart rate sensor

If you are a sporty person, you know how important it is to monitor your heart rate. Amazfit Arc watches over your pulse and helps you have the best possible workout. See whether your exercises are intense enough to benefit your health or when you are undertraining. If you are mediocre at sports you still may find this option quite interesting as it motivates to stay more active during the day, telling which of your activities may count as exercises for you to repeat them more often.


Prepare to wear this fitness wristband on 24 / 7 basis as it is very comfortable. It weighs only 20 grams due to light integral parts and thin silicone strap. Its soft and flexible material enables to easily put it on / off. A customizable buckle provides a snug fit to your wrist. Amazfit Arc is fully black and will match well whatever you are wearing.


As the tracker will not leave your wrist very often, it was made to handle such extreme everyday conditions as sweat, running in the rain, bumps, and dirt etc. Owing to its IP67 protected casing it will survive your greatest adventures. Stay focused on your activities — Amazfit Arc has oodles of secrets to keep away your worries.


Doing dishes, taking a shower, swimming in the pool is like the water of the duck’s back for Amazfit Arc. Everyday chores are even more fun knowing your device will eventually come out dry.


Amazfit Arc has a tightly constructed body to prevent dust, dirt, and sand from penetrating inside. Take it to the beach, spend time working in the garden without being alert that some foreign particles might harm its mechanism.


Its screen is reinforced with a scratch- and wear-resistant coating that eliminates minor damages that occur due to constant touch. This way Amazfit Arc preserves its original state longer, pleasing your eye.